How You Can Repurpose Old Plastic Tubes


If you have loads of old plastic tube lying around and you want to repurpose them instead of throwing them away or recycling them, there are lots of things you can do with them. Below you will find several ideas of how you can reuse them, which will save having to put them into landfill or going to the trouble of recycling them. It is also an excellent way to teach your children how to repurpose and reuse things instead of throwing them away.

Make A Pencil Case

You can make a nifty pencil case out of the old plastic tubes you have, although it is probably not what the plastic tube packaging supplier had in mind for their products. Cut a reasonable length of the plastic tubing and get some thick elastic bands. Cut a plastic circle from an old shopping band and put this over one end, using the rubber band to hold it in place. Do the same with the other end, and you have your pencil case. You can also get your children to decorate them however they want, and when they are finished, they have a unique pencil case that may become the new fashion in their class.

Create A Hanging Garden Outside

You can also use the plastic tube to create a hanging garden for one of the outside walls of your home. You will need to cut the lengths of the tube and drill holes in them for drainage and connect them. You will also need to cut holes in the top of the plastic tubing so you can plant flowers in them. You can then use string to connect all the tubes, using knots to create spaces for the tubes and ensure these are even, so they hang straight. String three or four together and then attach the top to your wall. You will then be able to add soil and plants to your hanging garden and enjoy the beautiful blooms that come.

Use The To Store Food

If your plastic tubes are closed at one end, you can also use these to store food at home. They are ideal for storing dry foods, such as pasta and rice. Ensure that the tube will stand up on the sealed end and then cut it to the perfect length. You can then cut circles out of a plastic bag and use a rubber band to seal the top of the tube. You can now store dried foods in your plastic tubing and help keep your food dry and safe.

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