How Much Can You Earn From Becoming A Life Coach?


Life coaching is a relatively new profession where you converse with someone and coach them about their life and choices. It can be a rewarding profession, making real change in people’s lives. However, everyone needs money to live and life coaching has some ambiguity over earnings. In this article, we go over what a life coach is, what they typically earn in the UK, and how to become one. If you are interested in reading more, check out how to become a life coach in the UK with Animas.

What is a life coach?

Life coaches work to deliver guidance and change through conversation. Sitting down with their clients, through reflection and inquiry they set to bring about new choices and behaviours for the client which can help them transform their life. This can be the client’s personal life or work life. Transformational coaching aims to enrich a person’s model of the world so that new potential is seen in themselves and the world.

Salary of a life coach

Life coaches do not fit the typical linear style of career progression. There is no set salary or salary band that life coaches fall into. Most life coach salaries depend on the experience and expertise of the life coach. The life coaches making headlines for the amount that they earn have worked hard building their reputation and are now in a place where their services are so well respected, they can charge up to two thousand pounds a session. However, even life coaches charging this amount of money will have started charging far less. It can be incredibly difficult pinning down any kind of average earning for a life coach as every life coach charges a different amount. Typically, however, life coaches charge between thirty and sixty pounds a session, with corporate work possibly going up to around three hundred pounds. Going on this basis, the average life coach salary in the UK is £30,355.

How to become a life coach

To become a life coach, you do not necessarily need any formal or academic qualifications. You can put yourself out there and start selling your services immediately. However, most clients look upon life coaches far more favourably if you have a life coaching qualification of some sort. Qualifications in life coaching will add credibility to your work and help distinguish you from other life coaches. In addition, you can become a member of a professional organisation that represents life coaches or professions of a similar nature. An example of this would be the British Psychological Society or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Start your journey to becoming a life coach today and see how you bring about transformative change in the clients you work with. You can build your portfolio with solid foundations and accredit yourself with qualifications. Successful life coaching means no limit to the salary you can achieve.

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