Why you need the right kind of walking shoes


The perfect pair of walking shoes can be the complement to long solitary walks or brisk walks around the park. We tell you why the right pair matters.

Whenever anyone asks you what you think is the most hardworking part of the body, you are likely to answer ‘The heart’. You may be right, since the heart never stops working all your life. But you would be remiss if you didn’t mention another body part that works really hard, too. That body part is: the foot.

Think about it: your feet literally do all the heavy lifting for you. They help you move from spot to spot, they carry your weight all day, they run, stroll and do so many things for you. And what do we do in return to help them out? Mostly, nothing. In fact, we end up punishing them by wearing the wrong shoes and forcing them inside tight footwear. Over time, the feet become tired and overworked, and they develop a variety of problems.

Don’t tire out your poor feet any more – invest in a pair of sensible walking shoes. They will keep your feet in good health. Go online to buy Nike shoes for men. Here’s why:

* Your feet were meant for walking. Earliest man walked long distances in search of shelter and food. As the human species evolved and modern technology came to the fore, people invented automobiles to transport them from spot to spot. Soon, people gave up walking altogether. However, walking affords tremendous health benefits and is a free, fluid form of exercise. Everybody can walk, and it doesn’t need any specialised equipment either. Walking every day keeps the muscles and joints in good condition, apart from keeping the body’s vital organs healthy. It improves breathing and blood circulation, and keeps illnesses away.

* All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. Though every person can walk – and does – the fact is that walking requires the right footwear. Most of us grab the first pair of shoes we can find and head out the door. But this is wrong – your feet need to be protected by the elements and the terrain that you subject them to. Suppose you walk over gravelly ground, your feet will have to work twice as hard to maintain grip and balance if you’re wearing flip flops or chappals. Or a pair of bellies with a thin sole are no use if you are walking long distances or on sand. Whether you walk for pleasure or exercise, make sure you buy a good pair of walking shoes from Nike shoes for men.

* The best kinds of walking shoes…Wrong footwear can cause injury and sometimes, irreparable damage to your feet. They can cause minute muscle tears, joint misalignment, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and chronic foot pain. Pain normally starts with inflammation and visible soreness. Do your feet a favour and invest in a pair of walking Nike shoes for men. Walking shoes are characterised by a bendy but sturdy sole that provides sufficient arch and sole support. There might be foot pads on the insole to protect the feet from blunt trauma as you walk. The sole is the most important component of the shoe, protecting the feet from feeling the effects of sharp stones and large pebbles as you walk. The shoe body is soft and slightly porous to let heat and sweat out from time to time. Primarily, walking shoes provide shock absorption and continuous support.

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