Ways to Avoid Hackers from Accessing your Company’s Private Information


Every company has sensitive information that can be accessed digitally by a third party if not well protected. Storing a company’s data digitally is convenient, although the information is maybe vulnerable to hackers.

A malicious attacker may gain access to your company information in several ways, like phishing. That is why you should be on the lookout and ensure your company protects itself from data attacks. Here are effective ways to keep your company away from cyber threats

Effective Ways of Protecting your Company Data

RF Shielding

This RF shielding offers protection to your devices from radio frequency interference (RFI). This RF foil prevents your devices from interference from emitter RF signals; this is made from RF-resistant materials and protects your company from eavesdropping.

Additionally, the RF signals can interfere with various electronic devices, which may cause life-threatening problems. When you don’t provide RF shielding, some of your devices may lose signals or degrade the information in the device circuit.

RF signals can also be used to steal access to the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips used in biometrics like passports and other devices. These signals can also interfere with the company’s cellular network and medical devices such as MRI machines.

Communicate with your Team

It’s essential to communicate with your workers about phishing attacks. Although most people learn from mistakes, one mistake can cause a significant loss for your company. So it’s better to always be alert.

Hold regular meetings to train your staff about phishing attacks, which will prepare your team in case of a breach. During the meetings, you can highlight the consequences of phishing attacks and let them know the company’s reputation and customer information will also be leaked.

Let your employees know phishing sites mimic popular online sites that your company uses. Encourage the use of passwords and use the site when the URL matches the stored URL.

Change Password

Hackers can quickly know the company’s password from reuse, data breaches, and social engineering. They will find loopholes in your company’s IT and steal valuable data; Your company may be reusing the same password and user names across all sites.

Hackers can also use technical tricks to get the password, especially if you use a weak password that generates itself. Most hacker tools allow them to guess passwords as often as possible. However, the method may take longer if you have a weak password; it may be exploited.

They will change to a password they can control, and if you try to update the information, you will block your access. After they complete control of your account, they will attempt to use it for financial gain. To avoid this, you should follow the following tips;

  • Update your password using a password manager: don’t create a password that you can easily remember. Ensure your password is long, not overused, and unique. So use a password generator instead of your creativity.
  • Update your password regularly: the company’s most essential accounts change passwords regularly. Passwords that are mostly breached are mostly years or months old. So ensure you change passwords after every three months.
  • Don’t reuse passwords: you shouldn’t use leaked passwords because the hacker may try using them again.
  • Use step two authentication: the two-factor authentication uses a less secure text message to approach a safer option. Use the authenticator app on your phone. You can also use multifactor authentication, including biometrics, facial recognition, or fingerprint reader.

Update your Software Regularly

Updating the software is pretty straightforward, but most companies neglect it. It could be a cloud-based tool, content management tool, or any other software. The software keeps updating security advances to their products, but you must update your software and tools to get them.

Auto-update your tools, and once there’s an update, your software will update itself automatically. However, if you’re tech-savvy, you can choose the manual update option. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance 2021, a third of people don’t update their software on time.

Limit the Number of Employees Accessing Sensitive Information

The more people access vulnerable information, the higher the risk of exposing it. Ensure your company’s trusted members-only access to sensitive information to reduce the chances of error or breach If an employee with logging-in credentials leaves the company, change the password immediately.

The worst mistake someone can make is to forget to change the passwords because the leaving employee may decide to jeopardize the company’s sensitive information.

Use of an anti-phishing toolbar

Using an anti-phishing toolbar will alert you of fraudulent or deceptive activities. This toolbar is free and comes with different benefits that will help keep cyber attackers.

This toolbar is essential, especially for people with little knowledge about cybersecurity and who want to protect their sensitive information. It’s easy to use since you will use it as a web browser extension. The advantage of this tool is it checks everything site you open in real-time and blocks anything that looks like a possible threat. They are very beneficial, so let’s check the benefits of the anti-phishing tools

  1. It helps in preventing malicious attacks known as phishing or web spoofing
  2. It reports and blocks suspected fraudulent websites
  3. Protect against phishing. The site can look at email content, document body, and the website’s field, like its username, password, and suspicious images and links.
  4. Show risk rating against suspicious websites
  5. Filters deceptive emails from your inbox that look like they came from commercial sites like Alibaba
  6. Protection against cross-site scripting
  7. Provide site reports like rating risk etc.


You will rest easy knowing the sensitive information in your company is well protected. Although cybercrime is rising, different methods will help keep your data safe. Keep off third-party eavesdropping using RF foil, safeguard your accounts by changing passwords regularly, and use password generators instead of relying on your creativity.

Anti-phishing tools are also beneficial since you can browse the internet without fear of web spoofing. Update your software products immediately; they are updated on top of the security.

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