Top3 Dota 2 Tips for New Players

Dota 2 is one of the most popular video games ever. No wonder many new players want to try it every day. If you are not a newbie, there is no need for you to read this text, better go to and earn some funds on your favorite game. In case you are a new player willing to start playing Dota 2, here are top 3 tips for you.

Check the Tutorial

For newbies, it is important to avoid diving into the game at once. Otherwise, you risk disappointing in Dota 2. The game is complicated, with many mechanics and features.

Stat with the basic tutorial, learn the basics of movement, attacks and item builds. Continue with matches against AI bots. Go PvP only when you feel confident there.


Heroes get all the experience from enemy creeps slain nearby. But to earn gold from them, you need to last hit those enemy soldiers. Spend time to learn last-hitting mechanics well. Without this skill, there is no point for you to go playing versus human opponents.

Don’t Rush to Fight

The most frequent newbie mistake in Dota 2 is that they rush towards enemy heroes right after those appear in sight. Suchtacticsmostlymeanstheattacker’sdeath. In early game (“laning” phase), your main goal is to lasthit creeps, farm gold and experience or help your ally playing in the same lane you do.