Things to Consider while Purchasing a Mattress


Replacing or buying a new mattress can be tedious. Navigating across mattress store websites or physical stores, choosing between springs and foam, and determining the mattress size can be exhausting. There is one thing that needs to be understood there is no one mattress model that works for everyone. The buyer must focus on choosing the mattress that suits his/her needs in the best possible manner.

Important things to consider

While purchasing a mattress, the very first thing that needs attention is the alignment of the spine when one lies down on the mattress. The body type, sleeping position, and personal preferences for the material and feel of the mattress play a significant role in determining the mattress that suits the needs of the buyer. The durability, cost, convenience, and any sleep issues (if any) must be considered as well.

Types of mattress

When a buyer visits a mattress store, he/she will come across a wide range of mattress types, with different levels of firmness and price rates. Memory foam and innerspring beds are the most popular mattress types, but other types that are available as well. Memory foam mattresses are best for back pain because the mattress provides spine alignment. The motion isolation feature is one of the highlighting features of memory foam.

Innerspring bed mattresses are made of steel coils, making them firmer and creating more bounce. When compared with boxed mattresses, innerspring bed mattresses have become more popular among mattress shoppers. Furthermore, they seem to be ideal for both stomach and back sleepers since the firm surface of the bed offers an aligned spine.

Assessing the mattresses

Since several hours are spent every night on the mattress, choosing a comfortable product should be the priority. It is recommended by experts that a buyer must take out at least 10 to 15 minutes and lie down on the shortlisted mattresses. Furthermore, it is even better if the typical sleeping position is executed on the mattress store. It is better to eliminate considering any mattress that makes one uncomfortable or hurts the back and spine.

Beforehand measurements

Before visiting a mattress store, it is necessary to measure using tape and measure the dimensions of the old mattress or the bed. Having the measurements beforehand doesn’t confuse the buyer with myriad available options. The buyer will only look out for those mattresses that belong to the exact or nearby measured dimensions. When choosing a mattress, it is better to opt for the one that gives at least a space of three feet on both sides. Measuring the doorways and hallways of the home shouldn’t be ignored as well. Nobody wants their new mattress to get stuck before installation.

Doing the research

When one explores the mattress market, there is no end to the variety of available styles. One will be overwhelmed with firm, soft, box, spring, foam, hybrid, pillow-top, orthopedic, innerspring, and several other types of mattresses. Feeling overwhelmed is natural, and thereby narrowing down the options is the best solution. Doing the research before visiting a mattress store is a smart move as it will save time in selecting the products in the store.

Looking for shopping options

Depending on the size, design, functionality, and brand, the cost of mattresses varies. Some of the products are too expensive, way beyond the general public’s budget. On the other hand, several mattresses are budget-friendly. Based on the budget limitations, the buyer needs to shop. He/she can either visit a branded mattress store or a small shop. The buyer might get the opportunity to bargain the price at a smaller store. Bargaining is not an option at branded shops. Online mattress stores have also gained immense popularity because of their deal-friendly pricing and a wide array of available products.

Opting for a trial period

There is no assurance that the perfectly-looking mattress at the store will give the same feel while the buyer sleeps on it all night long. Several stores offer a trial period for a varying number of days, depending on the mattress store. The best part about opting for the trial period is that it gives the buyer the option of returning in case the product is disliked without any additional cost. Several manufacturers offer guarantees on comfort, allowing exchange or return of the mattress within a specific time frame. Before opting for a trial period, it is always suggested to ask and confirm the fees required.

Assessing the bed frame

When the frame of the bed is unstable and shaky, even the top-notch quality mattress won’t render comfort. Thus, it is important to ensure that the bed frame is properly assembled and stable enough to hold a new mattress. This must be initiated before buying a mattress. In case, the frame of the bed is shaky, it is better to fix it. Several people lay their mattresses on the floor, but this shortens the durability and lifespan of the mattress.

Investing in a mattress protector

Mattresses are a costly investment, and utmost care must be taken. To protect the surface of the mattress from getting damaged and worn, using a mattress protector is an excellent solution. Investing in a good quality mattress protector can extend the lifespan of the mattress for years. This is even more necessary when one considers returning or exchanging the mattress after a certain designated time frame. A strained mattress is not considered valuable and worthy.

Understanding the warranty

Understanding the warranty is one of the vital aspects to consider while investing in a mattress. It is recommended to opt for a product that offers a good warranty period, for instance, a minimum of 10 years. As a buyer, one must understand what are the things included in the warranty. The majority of the warranties provide coverages against damages due to manufacturing errors and nothing more. There are also options of paying extra and extending the warranty services and the warranty period.


The above-mentioned are some of the factors that one must consider while buying mattresses. Doing the research before visiting a mattress store can prevent the buyer from getting overwhelmed. Since a good amount of money is involved, one must select a mattress that is durable, robust, stylish, and comfortable.

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