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Nail art is a beautiful form of expressing your creativity on your nails. Even when you get it done at the salon, you can still opt to use your own creative designs. This helps represent your unique personality to the world of nail art. However, applying and removing nail paint very often can damage and weaken your nails. This can make your nails prone to breaking off from time to time. And that is a harrowing experience that no one should have to go through. Here are some steps you can take after getting your nail art done that will help keep your nails healthy and strong. These tips will also make your nail art last longer without chipping or breaking.

  • Apply a clear varnish coat after the nail art dries up.
  • Don’t use concentrated acetone for removing the nail paint. Instead, dilute it.
  • After removing nail paint, dip your fingertips in egg wash.

If you have some creative nail paint designs to share, feel free to upload them on

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