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So you’ve made the decision to experience some poker on the web. Home theater system . know there are many first first time deposit bonuses on offer at different internet poker rooms. Party Poker is often the to begin with poker players turn to play online. Party Poker has lots of enticing bonus offers that are certain to draw you in.

What’s the catch?

You typically need to play a couple of hundred raked hands to obtain your bonus. It goes for those internet poker sites. The power codes you utilize to obtain that extra money will need you to play countless raked hands to be able to get the bonus. The larger the bonus the greater the quantity of raked hands. These poker sites are actually risking nothing by providing a bonus because the only method you receive the power is as simple as playing enough hands to create the same or greater quantity of profit for that poker site. Some poker sites go ahead and take bonus money from the affiliates make sure that referred you to definitely the website. It’s a win-win situation for that poker network.

What exactly are raked hands?

Raked hands are hands where the poker site requires a small area of the pot. Some poker sites just take rakes from certain sized containers. Other poker sites may count seeing the flop like a raked hands, the turn like a raked hands, and also the river like a raked hands. Not every hands are raked hands. Bear in mind that playing a couple of hundred raked hands with simply $50 can be hard. Particularly if you are becoming bad cards.

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