Do Home Security Alarm Systems Really Work?


Many people want extra protection for their home. They want to make sure the home is properly monitored at all times. A home security alarm system will help keep thieves and intruders away from the home.

Study and Security

According to university studies and the National Institute of Justice, robbers are much less likely to come to a home that has a security system that is visible. If they see cameras, lights especially at night, and stickers from the security company they will know that the home is protected and will move on. These studies were conducted in different neighborhoods and different times of the year and all of the results were similar.

As part of the study, convicted robbers were interviewed. More than 90 percent of the robbers said that they would avoid homes with visible security and alarm systems. Around 75 percent said that they would avoid homes with the logo of a security company in the window. They would move on to a home that shows no signs of protection rather than risk it with a home they may have a security system.

Security System with Cameras

Security cameras are one of the biggest deterrents and will help prevent crime from happening. When a security camera is visible even if it is fake burglars will not come near the home. They do not want to be seen and they do not want to be recorded. Cameras can also stop crimes in progress. With modern technology, the cameras are able to alert the homeowner or even the police department and they will be able to take action right away. This will allow them to catch the intruder and they will not be able to commit any further crimes or issues.

If the camera is well positioned, it can help recover the items that were stolen. A camera captured a UPS worker taking a package and the item was replaced since there was evidence that the item was really stolen. This can also help track down items there were stolen and helped with the identification process.

Things to Remember

Not all cameras are made equally. There are some cameras that a better quality than others.

The high-quality camera will be able to capture clear images of the thieves. If the camera is not a high quality the images may be grainy. It is important to look for a camera that is of high quality.

Some camera has night vision and others do not. When looking for a security camera it can be a big benefit to have a camera that comes with night vision. This will allow the camera to see images clearly even when it is dark out.

A security camera has motion detection. Instead of recording footage all of the time the cameras with this feature will begin to record as soon as motion is detected. This will allow the camera to catch anything that moves. Some cameras can be set to different sensitivity levels. This means they will be able to tell the difference between humans and animals.

When placing a security camera it is important they are visible. The best places are around the front door as well as hallways or walkways leading up to the home.

These are some of the benefits of a home security system. These security systems can be used to keep a person safe and make sure their homes are well protected. They will act as a deterrent for thieves and help protect the property.

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