A Guide to Taking Up Off-Road Dirt Biking


While many people like to ride motorcycles on the Australian roads, there is a group that love riding off-road and let’s face it, there are plenty of places to ride an off-road bike. Choosing a bike can be quite a challenge, as there are many different makes and models, therefore you should take your time to make sure you select a suitable machine.

Enduro Off-Road Motorcycles

You might, for example, prefer to ride the Rieju MR Racing 300, which is said to be the best value for money, with specialised components from Kayaba, Nissin and Neken, among other manufacturers. The machine also has KYB shocks that are adjustable for a wide range of terrains, offering a high degree of comfort.

Protective Clothing & Gear

Of course, off-road riding demands the right clothing and protective equipment; you will need the following items:

  • Open face crash helmet – Avoid wearing a full-face helmet as this restricts peripheral vision.
  • Goggles – For eye protection.
  • Leather jacket – Optimal protection.
  • Leather Trousers – Leg protection.
  • Good motorcycle gloves.
  • Boots with ankle support.

You can find everything you need from the online supplier who stocks the best brands at affordable prices.

Acquiring Essential Riding Skills

Riding off-road does require a level of skills and you can enroll in a basic motorcycle riding class, which will teach you how to handle the bike in a range of surfaces. This is important and learning essential riding skills gives you a good foundation for safe riding, which you gain with hands-on experience. Search with Google for local motorcycle riding courses and if you don’t yet have a bike, you can rent one from the school.

Street Legal

Of course, the big question is are you going to ride exclusively off-road, or are you planning on being street legal? If you want to ride on the roads in Australia, you will need the right type of driving licence, plus the bike must be taxed and roadworthy. You will have to start with a small bike until you obtain the licence to ride any motorcycle, which is designed to reduce the risk of accidents.

Respect the Power

When you ride a powerful 250cc Enduro machine, you must respect the power you have at your disposal and gaining proficiency comes with time. Treat the bike with respect and don’t take any unnecessary risks and as you gain in confidence, you can push a little further until you are a skilled Enduro rider.

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